Fuquay Varina Martial Arts Waiver

Release of Liability and Indemnity Agreement

The use of the term student is referring to anyone who participates in Training with Schell Shock BJJ, which could be a child, or an adult, male or female.

1.0: Attendance and punctuality
It is of the utmost importance that the student is punctual to each lesson. If it is your child that is training, and they arrive before the instructor has arrived on-site, it is required that you please remain with them until a member of staff is present. Until a member of staff is on-site you are responsible for their safety and well-being. Should you choose to leave them unattended, we hold no responsibility for them. It is also important that you arrive promptly and on time to collect your child. Many of our instructors have other classes to teach and need to leave immediately after the class. If your lateness inconveniences other customers or our instructor, we reserve the right to charge the cost of loss of earnings to you.

1.1: By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, it is agreed that should you drop your child early to their lesson, you are responsible for your child until lessons begin, and that Schell Shock BJJ and its owners, operators, officers, employees, instructors, students, or agents hold no responsibility for your child until the lesson has begun and they are in the training room with the instructor.

2.0: Change of location and time.
Schell Shock BJJ reserves the right to change the time or location of any class for any reason. In the unlikely event that a class is canceled for any reason, a refund would not usually be offered, although the student is welcome to attend any other classes in the area, provided those classes are open to all Schell Shock BJJ students and are open to their age bracket.

2.1: By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, it is understood that changes may be made to the location and time of classes.

3.0: Payment
Payment will be made monthly via Direct Debit each calendar month. Failure to pay may incur a charge of $15 for the first month of non-payment, and $30 for any following months that the payment owed is not paid. Should you refuse to pay within one month then you forfeit the student’s right to participate in training, and the student will unfortunately not be allowed to train with us until all payments and fees have been paid.

3.1: Should you require to cancel your membership with us, just feel free to pop us an email. Please note that we require 30 days notice for cancellations.

3.2: By agreeing to these terms and conditions, I hereby agree that Schell Shock BJJ has the right to refuse service to those who are not up to date with payments, as well as for those who continually make late payments & I understand that there is a 30 days notice period.

4.0: Disobedience
We reserve the right to discontinue training for any student that we deem as persistently disobedient. Should we feel we are unable to control the student’s behavior, and that the child’s behavior is detrimental to the other students’ training, then we will be in contact and the student will be dismissed from further lessons. Discipline is embedded in the culture of martial arts and is required for training.

4.1: By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, I hereby understand that should a student’s behavior be uncontrollable, then they will be dismissed from future lessons.

5.0: Image Consent
We would like to take pictures, and occasionally video the students performing their Martial Arts for promotional and advertising purposes. The photos will always be appropriate, and available for the customer to view upon request. The images, be they photo or video, will be stored in a safe and secure place.

5.1: I hereby grant permission to Schell Shock BJJ the use of the student’s image, likeness, and voice, recorded in digital format, without payment. I understand the images and film may be edited, exhibited, and distributed through any media that Schell Shock BJJ sees fit.

6.0: Personal Belongings
We cannot be held responsible for any personal belongings lost or stolen during a training session. It is strongly advised that anything of value be left at home. Should a child need to contact a parent or parent need to contact a child, then the instructor will have a phone.

7.0: Health and Safety
Should the student suffer from any of the following medical problems, please consult with your doctor to ensure that intense physical exercise will not pose a problem to the student. In addition, please inform us via email so that we may take note. We must be informed of any conditions before any instruction is carried out.

Back problems
Any illness or injury that may be aggravated by exercise
Head injuries
Dizziness, or loss of unconsciousness during exercise
High cholesterol
Joint problems, such as arthritis, that is aggravated by exercise
Chest pains when exercising
Any prescription medication being taken
A heart condition
Any conditions that restrict blood flow
Diabetes or any other metabolic diseases
High or low blood pressure

7.1: Should the student suffer from anything on this list, please inform the instructor immediately to discuss what action should be taken to ensure safety and well-being. It is advised that you consult a doctor if you suffer from any of these conditions before participating to ensure it is safe.

7.2: By agreeing to these terms and conditions, I agree that I have consulted a doctor recently and the doctor has agreed it is safe. I also agree that I have informed the instructor or Schell Shock BJJ of any medical problem the student has and that I choose to let the student continue in this class at my own risk. I also agree that I understand fully that the student will be participating in a semi-contact sport. I hereby agree that I would like the student to participate in what can be intense physical exercise, including, but not limited to, running, stretching, aerobic and resistance exercise, all of which can result in injury or in incredibly unlikely circumstances, death.

8.0: Agreement and Liability Waiver
I hereby agree that I have discussed any health problems with an instructor. I agree that I hold responsibility for any unlikely injury to the student and that the owners, operators, officers, employees, instructors, students, or agents at Schell Shock BJJ cannot be held responsible for these injuries or death. I hereby agree to the following:

I understand and acknowledge that the martial arts training provided by Schell Shock BJJ involves strenuous physical activities and personal body contact.
I recognize that participation may involve the risk of personal injuries, such as an accidental injury due to physical exertion, the actions of other students, or my own actions. Injuries may include, but are not limited to: pulled muscles; dislocated joints; or hard tissue fracture.
I am voluntarily enrolling in martial arts instruction with the knowledge of the potential danger involved, and I agree to accept any and all risk of injury.
I agree to follow the rules of training as outlined by the Academy and to follow the direction of my Instructors. Also, I understand that in the event that I do not follow these rules and directions, that Mr. Schell as head Instructor may determine if I am allowed to continue training at the Academy and if so, I will abide by his decision.
It is understood that this Agreement and Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk covers each and every time that I participate in a class or individual training.
I personally assume all risks in connection with these activities and I hereby agree to release, hold harmless, and indemnify Schell Shock Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it’s Owner, Associates, Members, Employees and Agents and Building Owners (collectively referred to as Schell Shock Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), from any and all liability, claims, and causes of action (including any claims and actions by third parties alleging injury) arising out of or in any way connected with my participation [or the participation of any minor that I am signing on behalf of] in these activities.
I further agree that I, my heirs, legal representatives, and/or assigns will not make any claim against Schell Shock Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, for any injury or damage resulting from training and will release and discharge Schell Shock Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from all claims or demands arising from injury or damage to me caused as a result of said training.
I understand and agree that the instruction/training provided by Schell Shock Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is intended to be used solely for recreational sport, professional law enforcement or military training, or for personal self-defense purposes.
If I have a disability or illness, I agree to advise Mr. Schell and/or any other Instructor, along with my physician prior to participating in the training.
I am 18 years old or older or the Adult Guardian of the student.

9.0: I hereby agree that I have fully read and understood the Terms and Conditions and that I agree to all of the Terms and Conditions presented within it. I understand that it is binding and non-negotiable.